Using AutoCad for Design work

Ductwork Design Drawing

State of the art HVAC Estimating Software and Modeling

21st Century Duct Design

You want your order of HVAC ductwork to arrive ready to go, not as a collection of jigsaw pieces that takes time to sort and may include an ill-fitting piece or two.
At Hranec S.M.I., our design teams have you covered.  Manual take offs with paper and drafting boards are a thing of the past, and with them the old scourges of imprecision and drafting errors.

  • Using state-of-the-art HVAC Estimating software and 3D Modeling, Hranec assures that each piece of ductwork is precision fit to its space, connections, and supports.
  • Optional install drawings provide your field crews with the convenience of numbered pieces, which can be pulled and fit together with the ease of a numbered puzzle.
  • Technology that saves you money.  The labor intensive, time-consuming work of manual duct take-offs is eliminated, while precision increases.  With Hranec’s state-of-the-art HVAC duct design, data is fed directly from CAD to the coil line and plasma tables.

American industry can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently than the competition.  At Hranec S.M.I., our HVAC duct design draftsmen prove that every day, while offering you an unexpected level of customer satisfaction.
Contact Hranec S.M.I. today for a fresh approach.  Our staff brings production values together with customer service to make your life easier and your project more profitable.

Ductwork Design Drawing

Meeting SMACNA Standards

Our people reviewing plans to exceed your expectations.Our 21st century design capabilities allow us to meet the most demanding SMACNA standards, but it’s our people who meet and exceed your expectations. 

Whether your need is for Spiral and Oval Ductwork, Polyvinyl Coated Ductwork, traditional Square and Rectangular Ductwork, or any of Hranec’s specialty items, accessories, and custom metal work, your experience with Hranec will give you the peace-of-mind to come back to us again and again.  Download our Catalog today.

Service Area

Hranec S.M.I. provides quality HVAC spiral duct and traditional rectangular ductwork nationwide. With HVAC fabrication facilities located in the Pittsburgh region, Hranec services HVAC duct work needs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and across the nation. No matter your location, Hranec’s dedication to providing the best lead-time, best price, and best service will win you over.  Contact Hranec S.M.I. today to learn how.

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