PVC Ductwork

Polyvinyl Coated Ductwork (PVC duct) brings together the strength and durability of steel along with the corrosion resistance of polyvinyl chloride.  This makes PVC duct perfect for underground air delivery and fume exhaust applications.
At Hranec S.M.I., we take a leading role in designing and fabricating your PVC air ducts.  Download our Catalog, or Contact Hranec S.M.I. today to learn more.

PVC Duct - Permanent – Corrosion Proof

PCD Ductwork installationWhen engineers and architects specify underground ductwork, PVC duct is the product of choice.

  • PVC ductwork will not rust, crack, chip, peel, or corrode.
  • Light in weight, PVC is also strong enough to walk on.
  • No need to encase PVC duct in concrete. Save on cost!
  • Polyvinyl Chloride coated duct is non-reactive, safely channeling away fumes.
  • Easily repaired with PVC coating compound or PVC tape.
  • ULฎ listed.

Made of galvanized steel heat fused with a polyvinyl coating, PVC duct is also sold as: PVS (Polyvinyl Steel) coated duct, PVC coated duct, and PVCS.   

Advantages of PVC Duct

PVC ductwork has been used successfully in underground applications for more than 30 years.  PVC duct is light, easy to maneuver on the job site, and can be cut with circular or saber saws (outfitted for metal cutting).
PCD DiagramPVC duct can be encased in concrete and requires no protection from the minerals and salts often found in backfill. It can be placed in direct contact with the soil, assuming proper drainage is employed to prevent standing water. 
These are just a few of the advantages of using PVC ductwork in your underground applications.  To talk to the experts and learn more, Contact Hranec S.M.I. today.
Our staff brings production values together with the best in customer service to make your life easier and your project more profitable.

Service Area

Hranec S.M.I. provides quality HVAC spiral duct and traditional rectangular ductwork nationwide.  With HVAC fabrication facilities located in the Pittsburgh region, Hranec services HVAC duct work needs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and across the nation. No matter your location, Hranec’s dedication to providing the best lead-time, best price, and best service will win you over.  Contact Hranec S.M.I. today to learn how.





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